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  • As you may have heard in the news lately our Troop trailer was stolen from the parking lot at Living Lord Church.  This loss could not have com
  • Hello all,   This is our new blog/news postings! We will be using this to pass on information as well as blogging about our Troop activities an

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Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 303's Website

We here at Troop 303 welcome you to our site. We are proud to say that we are one of the most active boy scout troops in our area (That being Bradenton, Florida) . We try to be the best we can, and be the troop that sticks out from the crowd. We do many strenuous outdoor activities, such as backpacking, biking, caving, whitewater rafting, and canoeing. One of our most notable activities is the annual overseas trip; all in all, we have been to:

  • Belize in 2005
  • Dominican Republic in 2006
  • Switzerland in 2007
  • Canada in 2008

The picture above was taken during our trip to Switzerland. These were all fantastic trips, and were very memorable. Most of the rest of our year is spent raising funds, going on conditioning trips, and just generally being active. In the last year, we went on 5, 20-mile long, very difficult backpacking trips. As interesting and fun as all this sounds, however, our troop is not for everyone. Some of these outings are too challenging for some people. All of the overseas trips were at least 50 miles long, and through very mountainous terrain. But, we do not mean to say that we are too 'extreme, dude!' for everyone else. In fact, we always try to welcome newcomers and get them accustomed to hiking as soon as we can. That being said, however, backpacking is not the only thing we do. Over the years, we have been on many canoeing, camping, and one of my personal favorites, biking. We take a trip about once a month, and we have meetings every monday at Living Lord Lutheran church.  And so, we challenge you to join our troop, and hope that you will join us on our excursions to the outdoors.

John Getker
Senior Patrol Leader, Troop 303.

Boy Scouts of America Troop 303 - Lakewood Ranch, Florida